Since the spores worked by breaking down the molecular structure of its victim, Mara Jade believed that it was impossible for her to have a child, as the spores would surely induce miscarriage. Skywalker and the rest of the strike team battle Abeloth. Although Skywalker was reluctant to leave Ioli and Tanogo behind, Junior Lieutenant Ioli ordered him to get off the Rover while he still could. He intended to accomplish this by denying the Jedi a happy ending, stopping the Jedi from saving his hostages. Chronological and political information The Solos were confronted by Shesh in a Coruscant docking bay, but the Solos did not allow their nephew to fall into Shesh's hands. According to Solo, the Amulet of Kalara, when activated, would make the being using it invisible in the Force. [9] He was extremely saddened upon his mother's death,[25] and as such was grimly determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Mara Jade's death. Jacen Solo, who helped Skywalker open up to the Force. Skywalker was bested by the apparition of his mother, and found himself once again hurtling through the caverns. However, actually getting to Caedus' starfighter undetected posed a problem. Omas was suicidal and had rigged a thermal detonator to explode should his heart stop beating. During this alliance, Ben formed a close relationship with the young Sith apprentice Vestara Khai. Faskus was still strong enough to explain his story to Skywalker. Caedus fled the scene, and the Skywalkers escaped the Anakin Solo. Leadership of the secret police was initially offered to Mara Jade Skywalker due to her previous exploits as an Emperor's Hand. Luke surmised that Koro Ziil might also be there, and demanded that he be allowed speak to him. [6], The Skywalkers were sent on many journeys to retrieve more of these Relics and gained the trust—and eventually the friendship—of Tadar'Ro. At least Obi-Wan Kenobi had the decency to get hit with a lightsaber and remove any doubt. As they talked, Vestara felt that Ship was coming, a fact she shared with Ben. He was separated from his parents shortly after he was born, both to protect him and to allow them to fight against the enemy. Solo, who had just returned to the New Jedi Order after a five-year journey to learn more about the Force, was able to help Skywalker open himself up to the Force gradually, as Skywalker was still apprehensive about the Force and needed years to become fully adjusted to the Force. Through it all Skywalker continued to accuse Caedus of killing Mara Jade Skywalker, and Caedus continued to deny it. From the moment of his birth, the infant Skywalker was kept close to his parents due to their concerns for his safety. A quick examination revealed that she wasn't mortally injured, but she grabbed Ben and told him that the spikes were poisonous. After his birth in Edge of Victory: Rebirth, Skywalker was absent for much of the novels following it before reappearing in the final New Jedi Order novel The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force by James Luceno. This redacted the status of the hill as Jedi property, allowing Luke to return to the hill. He was stationed with Jacen Solo and the 967 Commando at a vehicle checkpoint in the lower levels of Galactic City, this time in a neighborhood that was not Corellian. Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY–41 ABY). He was subsequently moved to the Shelter in the Maw, where many other young Jedi apprentices stayed. One day while practicing his lightsaber skills with a remote, he met a girl who introduced herself as Seha Dorvald. Luke was the first to recover and chase after her, with Ben and the Sith shortly behind, and Vestara in the rear. Skywalker was shell-shocked afterward, but cheered up when he was informed that there were no casualties in the explosion. During their conversations, they did not broach any subject that would have been a clash of ideology between them. Ben Skywalker approached him after the meeting and insisted that he accompany his father during his time away from the Order. Skywalker, however, was disappointed by the lack of publicity given to his actions during the raid on Centerpoint. Skywalker warned that it was a trap, but Solo decided to accept her invitation. Skywalker and Dinn were then suddenly attacked by a swarm of mynocks, but quickly realized that the mynocks were nothing more than projections of the Force, although they were still dangerous. Skywalker, curious, went toward Omas' holding area, where he overheard Solo talking with Lumiya. [30], Luke and Taalon agreed that they no longer wanted to stay on Klatooine, so the allied fleet left the planet, waiting for Lando just outside the Maw. They discussed the secret of Teselda's longevity, the consumption of live drochs. As the two continued to duel, Ben renewed his attack on Gavar, pressing the Sith Saber back and causing Gavar to worry that he might not win their duel. Little did his family know, a plot had been formulated by the Yuuzhan Vong to kidnap Ben Skywalker, with traitorous New Republic Senator Viqi Shesh as the kidnapper. The Witches revealed to them that because of Luke, they were inspired to unite with the Broken Columns Clan. Once there, Luke allowed Ben and Vestara to travel to the planet's surface with Dyon Stadd in order to restock the Shadow's supplies. While Ben and his family were on Yoggoy, one of the Colony-affiliated planets, the Skywalkers were attacked by hostile blue-black colored Killiks, a type previously unknown to the rest of the Colony. Skywalker exited the Temple through an emergency door which had had its emergency alarm disabled by Dorvald. This trope is nothing new to the Jedi, and happens to both Yoda, who laid down and promptly disappeared shortly before the decisive battle, and Luke Skywalker, who died after projecting his Force image onto Crait. Ben Skywalker In 36 ABY, while alongside his cousin, Jacen received a message from his friend, Hapan Queen Mother and former Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Djo, asking him to meet with her in secret on the planet Hapes. Skywalker was anxious to find a way out of the caverns, but his father maintained that he be patient. Mara Jade revealed to Skywalker that she had also spoken to the Sith Meditation Sphere, and that she had seen it in Lumiya's possession on Coruscant's moon Hesperidium. After a lull in the fighting, the two clans were finally joined as the Bright Sun Clan. [1], Their secret exposed, a force of twenty guards came out to confront the Jedi. Ben and Vestara began to spend some time together, engaging in conversation and participating in activities like cooking together. Thus, Skywalker went to Galactic City's Corellian Quarter, which he found in a state of chaos. The Sith betrayed the Skywalkers and began to fight Luke as well as Abeloth. That night, Skywalker and Lekauf went to Vulpter, under the facade of Skywalker as Lekauf's younger cousin. He agreed, and they went to check on Dyon Stadd in the medbay. During the first wave, he and Dyon attacked a few rancors that were attacking the rear and were later helped by Vestara. The joint forces of the Jedi Coalition, Confederation, and Mandalorians, joined later by the surprise attack of Admiral Natasi Daala's Maw Irregular Fleet, won a massive victory over Caedus' Galactic Alliance forces and the Imperial Remnant. [7], Jacen Solo was approached the next day by Luke and Mara Skywalker, who were concerned about how Skywalker's Force abilities were being used in the service of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Skywalker attempted to strike Caedus down in the confusion, but by sheer serendipity the bomb exploded as Skywalker moved to attack and sent them both to the ground. He was then visited by his parents, who were quite worried upon hearing of his brush with the rioters. Caedus demanded to Kashyyyk's leaders that they relinquish the Solos, but they claimed that they were not on the planet. Suddenly, Luke Skywalker appeared behind Caedus and attacked him. Angered, Ziil attacked Luke with the Force, causing a duel of Force powers which Luke won. While they had a banal discussion relating to practice techniques, Dorvald discreetly gave him a card, which contained a secret message from Jacen Solo when scanned. Consequently, only a fraction of life essence is needed to heal them, which the user can apparently replenish over time. By the year 35 ABY, Ben had grown into a mischievous child and was often looked after by Nanna when his parents were away on Jedi business. They were interrupted, however, when Stadd suddenly fell prey to the psychosis. Strolling down the Coruscanti streets, Ben Skywalker ambled freely; a past time he enjoyed but was rarely possible due to the ever present throng of holo reporters. On the Jade Shadow, the Skywalkers were contacted by Cilghal, who informed them of the occurrence and of her belief that Horn had flow-walked, another exotic Force power that had been utilized by Darth Caedus, which allowed a Force-user to travel back or forward in time and observe events for a period of time. Skywalker tried accessing the account at several different banks, but each time the banking machines could not find his account. Before the two went to their family apartment, his mother asked him to leave the GAG, but Skywalker once again refused. He escaped the prison facility with Shevu's body, which he shipped to his wife Shula on Vaklin. Sal-Solo pulled it away, examining it to make sure it was not a blaster disguised as a holocam. She decided to stay with the Skywalkers as she had nowhere else to go. Tensions had recently risen among the Aing-Tii, and Tadar'Ro hoped that the Skywalkers would find a revelation from the Relics that would settle them. Shevu agreed, stating that his closeness to Caedus would grant them inside information and more importantly, that Caedus trusted him. Skywalker was brought down by stun bolts and was strapped into a GAG Doomsled.[28]. Skywalker was astounded by these revelations and was left trying to think of excuses for Solo's association with Lumiya. However, Master Kenth Hamner asked Solo to stay with them, which disappointed Ben, due to the fact that he would not be able to test his mechanical abilities on his uncle's starship. Then, they discovered a large number of Sith, including Taalon and Khai, had followed them. The Rover was badly damaged, and Skywalker was forced to go extravehicular. The Killik species had recently been discovered in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, when a group of Jedi Knights heard their telepathic call and followed it to the Unknown Regions. He decided to legitimately investigate with his friend in the GAG, Lon Shevu, and was able to prove that Caedus had murdered his mother. [1], The Jedi trio raced to the Lorrd City Spaceport but were faced with an odd situation upon arriving; a Galactic Civil War veteran named Ordith Huarr was aboard an old Y-wing starfighter, and was threatening to launch missiles at housing districts unless he could speak with a Jedi. Soon afterward, he was reunited with the rest of his family on the planet Hapes. As Gavar continued his onslaught, Ben allowed his anger to make him reckless, and he was again forced to leap away from Gavar's stroke. Meanwhile, they continued to train in the Aing-Tii's exotic Force powers, and one day Skywalker was deemed ready to learn flow-walking. They approached the planet under the names of Ben and Owen Lars, while Vestara pretended to be the ship captain. The diplomats and their Jedi guardians then retired for the night. Also ich habe nichts dagegen. When both Rey and The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda use Force healing, they are shown to fix fatal wounds without being permanently harmed themselves, so how come Ben dies after using the same technique? The Aing-Tii were forbidden to touch the Relics, but outsiders were not. Bwua'tu had impounded their ship, the Millennium Falcon, in the Utegetu Nebula for breaking the Alliance blockade placed on the region. Huarr then fired the missiles, destroying the starfighter but leveling the building in front of him. [31], While looking for the Sith on Dromund Kaas, Luke, Ben, Vestara, and Jaina Solo were attacked by ten Sith Sabers led by Gavar Khai. Luke took her in custody as the Bright Sun Clan expelled her from the clan. Although Skywalker did not want to partake in the duel, he agreed. On his way out of the caverns, Solo picked up a groggy and disoriented Skywalker and memory-rubbed him, making him forget the events at the Home. Flame-red[4]

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