With this strategic capital rotation, CA Immo is expanding in its core markets, strengthening sustainable earnings and improving its portfolio quality and management efficiency. Cash and cash equivalents stoo d at € 739.1 m on the balance sheet date (€ 439.1 m on 31.12.2019). The significant increase reflects part of the net proceeds in the amount of around € 400 m from the € 500 m fixed-rate, senior unsecured benchmark bond successfully placed in Q1 2020 with a term of seven years and an annual coupon of 0.875%. Starwood had launched its … FFO II adjusted per share stood at € 1.29 (1-3Q 2019: Results of the first half year 2020 The consolidated result was significantly lower at EUR 88.0 (177.9) million. € 1.06). Developed to a high international standard and completed in 2015, the property has a BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate. In October CA Immo was able to build on the great success of the debut issue of a benchmark bond in the first quarter and placed a fixed rate senior unsecured green bond with a 5-year maturity and an annual coupon of 1.0%. Die CA Immo ist sehr zuversichtlich, die Schadenersatzklage zu gewinnen. Den Betrag von 1,9 Milliarden Euro hat die CA Immo mit Unterstützung von externen Anwälten und Experten festgelegt. In the past, the state air traffic control system Austro Control was criticized by the Court of Auditors with Read more. Properties intended for trading or sale account for the remaining 2% of property assets. Earnings before taxes (EBT) totalled € 120.4 m and stood substantially below the previous year's value of € 247.8 m, largely because of the weaker revaluation result. CA Immo operativ besser - Neubewertung, Buwog-Rückstellung drückten. „Es gibt aus unserer Sicht ausreichend Beweise“, sagt mir Sprecherin Susanne (Steinböck). At the same time, we placed our first Green Bond for the (re)financing of our sustainable project developments with great success. Der Republik Österreich sollen dadurch laut Aussage von Grünen-Abgeordneter Moser bis zu einer Milliarde Euro entgangen sein. The loan-to-value ratio based on market values as at 30 September 2020 was 32.8% (net, taking account of Group cash and cash equivalents) compared to 31.9% at the start of the year. The Group's average financing costs (incl. The cash generation figure FFO I grew in the first nine months by 3.3 percent to 104.7 million euros. The increase is related to the benchmark bond mentioned above. Berlin. Rental income increased by 7.7 percent to EUR 177.6 million in the nine months. The efficiency of letting activity, measured as the operating margin in rental business (net rental income to rental income), stood at 89.8% above the previous year's value of 87.6%. Adjusted for this one-off effect in the amount of around € 25.5 m, indirect expenses arriving at € 33.9 m were 7.3% higher than in the previous year.As a result of the developments outlined above, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) rose by 3.0% to € 136. Without a provision of 25.5 million euros for the Buwog lawsuit, EBITDA would have increased by 22.3 percent to 161.6 million euros, CA Immo announced on Wednesday evening. Die CA Immo sprach Ende Februar von einem Schaden von 1,9 Mrd. The undiluted EPRA NAV stood at € 38.36 per share on the key date (€ 38.36 per share on 31.12.2019). Thanks to its stable and solid positioning, CA Immo still expects the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to be minor and short-term. Euro geltend Gegenüber Grasser und anderen Angeklagten - Plech-Aussage verlesen: 700.000 bis 800.000 Euro in bar in Wien übergeben Der 165. hedging costs) stood at 1.57% as of the key date (31.12.2019: 1.79%). Euro. Alongside the usual agenda items, resolutions on the reduction of the Supervisory Board by one member and the dividend proposal of € 1.0 per share (11% increase of the previous year's dividend) found a large majority. The book value of property assets stood - almost unchanged to 31 December 2019 - at € 5.2 bn as at the key date. The net asset value (IFRS NAV) per share stood at € 31.83 (undiluted) on 30 September 2020 against € 31.90 at the end of 2019, a decrease of 0.2%. Er betonte, dass es … As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, only minor or short-term losses are expected, but the full effects on the operating business could still not be conclusively assessed, the outlook emphasizes. Glücklich wohnen | Unter dem Motto „glücklich wohnen“ konzipiert, realisiert und bewirtschaftet die BUWOG seit bereits über 69 Jahren zeitgemäße und an die Bedürfnisse der Menschen angepasste Wohnlösungen in Österreich. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 25 November 2020 17:20:00 UTC, www.caimmo.com/en/investor-relations/financial-reports/, Chief Financial Officer, Head-Accounting & Taxes. At the same time, CA Immo continued its non-strategic sales programme with the sale of a Munich residential building developed in-house, and withdrew from another secondary market with the sale of the Zagrebtower office building. Die Causa Buwog hat eine neue Facette. EBITDA grew by 3.0 percent to EUR 136.1 million, compared to EUR 90.3 million in the first half of the year. All sales were made at a premium to the last book value - underlining the value of the CA Immo portfolio in the current market environment. The undiluted EPRA NNNAV per share after adjustments for financial instruments, liabilities and deferred taxes, stood at € 34.44 as at 30 September 2020 (€ 33.69 per share on 31.12.2019). Teilen Twittern. This development reflects, amongst others, the dividend payment of € 93 m in August 2020. Tag im Grasser-Prozess startete heute mit schlechten Nachrichten für mehrere Angeklagte, allen voran Ex-Finanzminister Karl-Heinz Grasser. The financial result stood at € 9.7 m after the first nine months (1-3Q 2019: € -77.4 m). The net result from rent after the first three quarters was € 159. Strong operating result with growth in rental income, EBITDA and FFO despite Covid-19 environment. Thanks to this positive operating dynamic, we are already paving the way for a post-pandemic, high-growth 2021.'. Without a provision of 25.5 million euros for the Buwog lawsuit, EBITDA would have increased by 22.3 percent to 161.6 million euros, CA Immo announced on Wednesday evening. The revaluation result was negative (EUR -21.5 million after EUR 193.5 million) due to value adjustments in hotels and retail. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) were € 110.7 m, 66.0% below the 1-3Q 2019 result of € 325.2 m, primarily driven by the weaker revaluation result. Ohne Vorsorge für Schadenersatzklage-Gebühren wäre … EBITDA adjusted for the aforementioned BUWOG one-off effect amounted to € 161.6 m, which translates into an increase of 22.3% on the previous year's number. The result from the sale of investment properties stood at € 24.9 m on 30 September 2020 (€ 16.3 m in 1-3Q 2019). In the course of the first three quarters, CA Immo added three new office buildings to its portfolio: the 14,800 sqm fully let MY.B. The Group's financial liabilities stood at € 2,448.6 m on the key date (against € 2,097.3 m on 31.12.2019). The listed CA Immo earned better operational earnings in the first nine months, but the bottom line was that a negative revaluation result left less net profit. Net debt (interest-bearing liabilities less cash and cash equivalents) was € 1,707.8 m at the end of September 2020 (31.12.2019: € 1,656.3 m). For another quarter in a row, CA Immo has posted a strong operating result and a clearly positive consolidated net income. According to the industry, up to 40 percent of sports retailers are threatened, Tesla boss Musk overtakes Bill Gates in billionaire rankings, Terna invests 85 million euros in Italy-Austria power line, Swiss chemical company Clariant to lay off another 1,000 employees, Large-scale taxi demonstration against prescribed price and social dumping, Corona help: Book trade is happy about 40 percent sales replacement, Unexpected traces of coronavirus found six months before the pandemic, As expected, Kapsch TrafficCom posted a high loss in the first half of the year, Fixed cost subsidy 2 can amount to up to 3 million euros per company, COVID-19 in the world: Malaysia closed schools for six months, India announced the third wave, Wirecard Committee: Fines imposed on EY witnesses, Court of Auditors renews criticism of Austro Control, Audi boss sees no future for hydrogen cars, Nurmagomedov's brother will fight in front of McGregor, The doctor named a prerequisite for preventing hair loss, Rogozin dismissed the director of TsENKI because of an unrestrained word, Biden ponders the appointment of a black man as head of the Pentagon, American media spoke about the problems in relations between Turkey and Russia, American pilot appreciated the fighting qualities of the MiG-29. As at the key date, the result from property trading and construction services stood at € 6.1 m (1-3Q 2019: € -1.6 m). Gearing was 57.7% on the key date (55.8% on 31.12.2019). CA Immo has taken the decision to bring an action for damages against the Republic of Austria and the Province of Carinthia for unlawful and culpably biased influence on the best bidder procedure in the context of privatization of the Federal Residential Property companies in 2004 and for the unlawful failure to win the best bidder procedure. Die Bundeswohnungen (Buwog und andere) sind 2004 an ein Konsortium von RLB OÖ und Immofinanz gegangen, die CA Immo als Mitbewerber ging leer aus. The equity ratio of 47.9% remained unchanged in solid territory (the comparative value for the end of 2019 was 50.4%). BUWOG Group GmbH | 1,746 followers on LinkedIn. CA Immo continued its portfolio growth in the first half of the year with the addition of two fully let Berlin office buildings (including one project completion and one portfolio acquisition) to the investment portfolio. 5 m (1-3Q 2019: € 144.4 m), a rise of 10.5% on the previous year. We were able to take full advantage of this environment to optimize the quality of our investment portfolio by selectively buying and selling properties at very attractive conditions. The issue generated strong demand from over 150 investors and was more than 5 times oversubscribed. The net proceeds of € 350 m will mainly be used to finance and refinance sustainable buildings. Property assets include investment properties (85% share of the total portfolio) and investment properties under development (12%). FFO II (including the sales result and applicable taxes) adjusted for the BUWOG one-off effect (see 'indirect expenses') amounted to € 120.4 m, which translates into an increase of 21.6% on the previous year's number (1-3Q 2019: € 99.0 m). CA Immo's properties (among it is the depicted Cube Berlin) … Andreas Quint, CEO of CA Immo: 'After a subdued first half of the year, the dynamics of the transaction markets increased noticeably in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020. Nonetheless, we are unable conclusively to assess the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our operational business at this time. The organic growth of the portfolio through own project completions and the continuing high occupancy rate of the investment portfolio (occupancy rate: 95%) resulted in a further strong increase in net result from rent (+10.5% on the previous year). The yearly target for recurring earnings (FFO I) is unchanged >€ 126 m (yearly target for 2019: >€ 125 m). On the key date, taxes on earnings stood at € -32.4 m (1-3Q 2019: € -69.9 m). The result for the period wa s € 88.0 m, significantly below the 1-3Q 2019 value o f € 177.9 m. Earnings per share amounted t o € 0.95 on the balance sheet dat e (€ 1.91 per share in 1-3Q 2019). The value of the investment portfolio increased to roughly € 4.5 bn (31 December 2019: € 4.3 bn) as a result of the takeover of two project completions and a portfolio acquisition during the first three quarters, and is distributed among CEE (43%), Germany (45%) and Austria (12%). Outlook and forecast for business year 2020. Negative value adjustments were linked primarily to hotel and retail properties directly affected by the consequences of the pandemic as well as investment buildings in the CEE region. The Covid-19 pandemic impacted net rental income as at 30 September 2020 by a total of € -3.2 m. This mainly relates to reserves for bad debts and to a lower degree rent reductions, which are, however, counterbalanced by opposing effects from incentive agreements (rent-free periods). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Die Bundeswohnungen (Buwog und andere) gingen 2004 an ein Konsortium von RLB OÖ und Immofinanz, die CA Immo als Mitbewerber ging leer aus. With the addition of a total of three office buildings in Berlin and Munich (including two own project completions and one portfolio acquisition) and the purchase of an office building in Warsaw, CA Immo continued its portfolio growth in 2020. The value increases were generally caused by property-specific changes (e.g. The Group's financing costs, a key element in recurring earnings, amounted to € -29.7 m, 7.6% below the value for 1-3Q 2019. An FFO I of € 104.7 m was generated in the first nine months of 2020, 3.3% above the previous year's value of € 101.4 m. FFO I, a key indicator of the Group's recurring earning power, is reported before taxes and adjusted for the sales result and other non-permanent effects. However, these negative value adjustments were mitigated by the increase of fair values in Germany. The portfolio yield was 5.4%1) (31.12.2019: 5.5%2)); the occupancy rate remained at a very high level of 95.1%1) as of 30 September 2020 (31.12.2019: 96.1%2)). The net asset value (EPRA NAV) was as at 30.9. at 38.36 euros per share, roughly the same as at the end of 2019. As of 9/30 Real estate assets continued to total around 5.2 billion euros, 85 percent of which were existing properties. Despite a positive valuation contribution in the 3rd quarter, the negative revaluation result - as a result of the pandemic and its various effects - continues to have a negative impact on consolidated net income. Investment properties under development include projects under development and land reserves (incl. This underscores our commitment to the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy, while at the same time taking advantage of favorable market conditions to further optimize our financing structure and costs. CA Immo and Immofinanz had agreed in 2016 to merge and create a property heavyweight but the plan fell through this year after pressure from an activist investor. short-term property assets) with a total book value of around € 700.7 m (31.12.2019: € 878.5 m), of which Germany accounts for 96% and CEE for 4%. This concerns possible court fees for the claims for damages brought against the Republic of Austria and the Province of Carinthia by CA Immo in the second quarter of 2020 in connection with the privatization of the federal housing companies (Buwog), which was completed in 2004. In October, CA Immo was also able to expand its Warsaw portfolio with the purchase of the almost fully let landmark office building 'Postepu 14' with a rentable effective area of around 34,500 sqm. After the first nine months, indirect expenses amounted to € -59.4 m, 87.9% above the 2019 level of € -31.6 m. The figure includes potential court fees associated with the action for damages brought by CA Immo in the second quarter of 2020 against the Republic of Austria and the state of Carinthia in connection with the privatisation of the federal housing companies (BUWOG). Strong operating result with growth in rental income, EBITDA and FFO despite Covid-19 environment Recurring earnings up 3.3% on last year to € 104.7 m... | November 25, 2020 Der frühere Vorstandsdirektor der CA Immo, Wolfhard Fromwald, hat gestern zum zweiten Mal im BUWOG-Prozess als Zeuge aussagen müssen. The Interim Financial Statement as at 30 September 2020 of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG is available at: www.caimmo.com/en/investor-relations/financial-reports/, CA Immobilien Anlagen AG published this content on 25 November 2020 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. The largest contribution in terms of value was generated by the sale of the cube berlin office building. The revaluation result of € -2 1.5 m on the reporting date stood significantly below the previous year's reference value (€ 1 93.5 m in 1-3Q 2019). 1 m (compared to € 132 .1 m in 1-3Q 2019). Successful capital rotation with portfolio growth in Berlin and Warsaw. The 33rd Annual General Meeting of CA Immo was held on 25 August 2020 as a virtual meeting. The result from interest rate derivative transactions includes non-cash valuation effects in connection with the convertible bond (€ 56.2 m) plus interest rate hedges and amounted to € 44.9 m (€ -52.9 m in 1-3Q 2019). Without provision for damages lawsuit fees, the result would have been even better. CA Immo klagt Republik und Land Kärnten wegen Buwog-Verkaufs Der Verkauf der Bundeswohnbaugesellschaften im Jahr 2004 ist nun Thema einer umfassenden Schadenersatzklage durch die damals unterlegene Bieterin: Die CA Immobilien Anlagen AG (CA Immo) klagt die Republik Österreich und das Land Kärnten auf Schadenersatz. Austrian real estate companies CA Immo and s-Immo felt the pressure of the Covid-19 crisis and had to face significant revaluations of their properties in Austria, Germany and Central Eastern Europe. The FFO for the year as a whole should be “over EUR 126 million”, is still the goal. (1st quarter) near Berlin's main railway station, which was developed by CA Immo; the 10,000 sqm fully let Berlin office building 'Am Karlsbad' on the southern edge of Potsdamer Platz (acquired in early April); and the NEO office building in Munich, which was developed by CA Immo and taken into operation in the third quarter; the first tenants have already moved in. Grasser-Prozess - CA Immo macht Schaden von 1,9 Mrd. Its core business involves leasing, managing and developing office buildings. Die BUWOG-Affäre umfasst mögliche Untreue, illegale Absprachen und Provisionszahlungen in Zusammenhang mit der Privatisierung von 60.000 Bundeswohnungen der Bauen und Wohnen GmbH durch den damaligen österreichischen Finanzminister Karl-Heinz Grasser (FPÖ). The parliamentary committee of inquiry into the billion-dollar Wirecard balance sheet scandal in Germany has fined two representatives of Read more, Vienna. Immofinanz agreed to buy a 26 percent stake in CA Immo from Russian billionaire Boris Mints’s O1 Group Ltd. in a first step to a full merger, the company said in a statement on Monday. It … CA Immo today has taken the decision today to bring an action for damages against the Republic of Austria and the Province of Carinthia for unlawful and culpably biased influence on the best bidder procedure in the context of privatization of the Federal Residential Property companies in 2004 and for the unlawful failure to win the best bidder procedure. FFO I per share stood at € 1.13 on the reporting date (1-3Q 2019: € 1.09). In addition to the successful management of the investment portfolio with a high occupancy rate, this positive development is related to the portfolio growth of recent months. CA Immo or CA Immobilien Anlagen is an Austrian real estate company with branch offices in Germany and CEE. ensuring reliable planning for projects and land value increases) as well as changes in market yields for office properties. In the first nine months of 2020, CA Immo recorded solid growth in rental income of 7.7% to € 177.6 m (1-3Q 2019: € 164.8 m).

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