"If I tell you, would you ride on it?!" Like most polite greetings, the asker rarely expects any sort of in-depth answer, and any polite response would be considered appropriate. Tell them how you really feel. Despite this, Yesware reports that a colossal 70% of email chains stop after just one unanswered email. You are you and there is only one you so imbrace u! Do not let something dictate the way you react to things. most people answer good or fine, when actually they maybe having the worst day of their lives What does a bad answer look like? ", you might reply "We won the XYZ contract" or "Bob was fired" or something relevant happening at the company. If you do not know the person well, such as someone you work with or know through a friend or family member, you may keep your response brief and polite. 1 decade ago. If the person feels comfortable enough to ask you what you like about them, chances are you already know them pretty well. 1- Great, how about you? If something special is happening, you might relate it. You can say to a friend, "Sarah, you've been my best friend since we were five years old. Like if someone at work asks you "What's up? they say whats up, you just say hi or hey...its the same awkwardness when people ask you how are you doing. Natalya. It gets worse, or better, depending on how you look at it: Roughly 80% of prospects say ‘no’ four times before they ultimately say ‘yes’. How do you think about the answers? That's plain stupid and reflects poorly on the one saying it more than anyone else. 5. You really do like the person. X Research source You may give a detailed answer if you want to develop your relationship with the … This is an awesome one... "Hey wats up??" I would say. If you want to know how to respond to hey perfectly, then keep reading to find out ways for how to respond to hey when you are, and are not, interested in talking with someone over text. You always have a choice of how you are going to respond to what the world offers you. Relocation — Sometimes a good answer to why you’re leaving your current job is as simple as the desire or need to relocate. 2 nothing whats up . Sometimes, we just need help on how to move forward. If this is the case, explain why you’re making the move, what skills you can offer the company and what you feel are the benefits of a new job and location. Format your chat text. You can sign in to vote the answer. Folks the answer to wassup is “nothing much”, please don't say any of the stuff like fan, sky, ceiling. ; Italics — Place an underscore on either side of the text you want to italicize (e.g., _goodbye_ becomes goodbye). You can use different text tags to apply formatting, such as bolding, to message text: Bold — Place an asterisk on either side of the text you want to bold (e.g., *hello* becomes hello). First, i think you should say what ever you feel needs to be said. Because of this, you don’t have to force a fake answer. 3 howdy. 1 1. But 92% of people give up after hearing ‘no’ four times. What do you do with that? Sign in. The natural response would be to [perceive the blame] as a threat, which typically leads to a defensive response, or a feeling of shame, which could also trigger despondency.

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