Easily the most common reason why people get their quotation marks tattoos is because they want to show that they have the power to create their own story. And a small tattoo of Pac-Man on its side. Meaning: The singer before his One Direction days used to play football and bought his home team. Tattoo: On the outside of his left forearm, Louis got a new tattoo of a dagger with the quote, “Given a chance” inked below it. Popular Quotation Marks Tattoo Meanings. Quotation Mark a pair of quotation marks with no words in between them convey the message that life is unscripted. Tattoo: A large bird is inked on the outside of  Louis’ right forearm. Want to know more about Quotation Mark Tattoo Meaning? Do not deny yourself the joy of a new tattoo! Tattoos: There are little tattoos of a bomb, a lit match and a spiderweb on the inside of his right arm. Meaning: The star uploaded a photo while getting the tattoo and was followed by his brother who uploaded the picture of the penguin tattoo on his butt with the caption “accidentally got a penguin on my a**.”. Louis William Tomlinson better known as Louis Tomlinson is an English Singer, Actor, and Songwriter. You are in the right place. Family and friends are on my side.”. Louis said, ”Harry’s necklace. Tattoo: There is a Tic Tac Toe game inked on the outside of the singer’s right forearm with black lines and red crosses. The word, “OOPS!” is tattooed just above the paper plane. Tattoo: There is a large arrow tattooed on the outside of Louis’ right forearm. Tattoo: Barely visible amongst others, there are quotation marks inked on the inside of his right forearm and a cup of tea at the top of all tattoos present there. They both got similar tattoos done together from Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor, in Los Angelis. Tattoo meanings can vary and be multi-layered. Meaning: The quotation marks represent how Louis loves giving and taking them quotations. We have quotation marks tattoo ideas, designs, symbolism and we explain the meaning behind the tattoo.. Gather all the necessary information, choose the style, design and wizards. Meaning: Bus 1 inked on Louis’ forearm is the tribute to the TOUR BUS, in which he used to travel along with Zayn Malik. Look Fashion Fashion Beauty Womens Fashion Dress Fashion Fashion Clothes Mode Style Style Me Pretty Outfits Cute Outfits. Semi Colon this punctuation mark is a very popular symbol of hope and support for those who struggle with depression or suicidal thinking..What does quotation marks tattoo mean? Meaning: Tomlinson got the smiley inked as it is his logo. The paper airplane is also connected to Harry Styles. Meaning: Louis got the Compass inked in 2012 and said, “ It has an arrow pointing to home. Meaning: The 78 on his chest is the house number of his Grandparents whom he adored very much. He also got a smiley face inked on his right forearm near the outside of his wrist with Xs for eyes. This well recognised tattoo parlour is renowned to catch the attention of system art lovers who are eager to apply any style of entire body artwork, from the most dainty to the wildest layouts. This is definitely the case with quotation marks tattoos, though they aren’t quite as popular as some of the other punctuation … Tattoo: The line, ”It Is What It Is” is tattooed across Louis’ chest and the number 78 on his left pec. Quotation Mark a pair of quotation marks with no words in between them convey the message that life is unscripted. Tattoo: There is a large Compass inked on the inside of the singer’s arm along with a paper plane among other of his inks. Tattoo: Louis has a small camera inked on his right forearm which is the tribute to all the memories that he has ever lived and got them captured through the camera. Satisfies me.”  Which explains the cup of tea inked on his arm. Quotation Marks Tattoo Meaning Punctuation tattoos seem to be all the rage these days due to the fact that they take up a small amount of space on the skin yet usually hold deep meanings to their owners. This meaning is excellent for anyone who wants to live a unique life rather than living the “normal” life. © SkinINK | Catalog | Map | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Contacts, Q Switched Nd Yag Laser For Tattoo Removal, Halifax International Pathway Tattoo Tour. Louis also told, ”I’m obsessed with Yorkshire tea. Tattoo: Louis has a huge Spider web inked on his left leg. A tattoo meaning may be archetypal or it may be personal. Tattoo: The singer’s right wrist sports a rope inked such that it is tied around his wrist and makes a loop in the shape of the infinity symbol on the outer side.A little above the rope is a flock of birds. Meaning: The Tally Marks represent all the members of One Direction namely Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Tattoo: Just above his Suits band on the right wrist, Louis got a Skull and Crossbones inked with a red background. ‘The Stick figure on a Skateboard’ Tattoo, 12. While explaining his flock of birds tattoo Tomlinson said, “Always stick together, Work as a team. Louis was a member of the famous boy band, One Direction until the band split up. Meaning: The numbers together make the number 28 which is the jersey number that Louis wore when he played football for his childhood team Doncaster Rovers in a charity match. Tattoo: There are 5 Tally marks inked just below Tomlinson’s right elbow. Tattoo: Louis has a Heart inked which contains earphones inside them just above a huge Stag, inked on his right bicep. Louis featured in the most influential people’s list of 2017 and has released singles which are certified gold in the UK and the US. Louis stated, “I give a lot of advice and make quotes. Tattoo: A little horseshoe is inked right above the stick figure. I talk a lot as well” when asked about the tattoo. Tattoo: There’s a tattoo of a stick figure riding a skateboard on the inside of the singer’s right arm. Meaning: The arrow on Louis’ arm depicts freedom and direction in life and the Pac-Man tattoo shows his love for the retro game, Pac-Man. On our site you can find many other information about tattoos. Read the reviews. Tattoo: Barely visible amongst others, there are quotation marks inked on the inside of his right forearm and a cup of tea at the top of all tattoos present there. Tattoo: The One Direction star got a Penguin wearing headphones inked on his butt. Whereas Louis’ The Rogue tattoo is a tribute to his former band which used to include five male members during his school time and they used to perform in school assemblies. Decide on your desires and start transforming your appearance. Tattoo: The left wrist of the singer sports a wrist band inked with the four suits of a card deck. Tattoo: Louis has GLOBE inked on his forearm and says “It’s for the award we – 1D – got at the BRIT Awards this year for Global Success,” Louise. Just above this tattoo is the words, “Bus 1” inked. Meaning: The spider web looks as it is being shot as a projectile and represents the singer’s love for his favorite comic character, Spider-Man. Tattoo: The words, “Far Away” are inked on Tomlinson’s right bicep. 25. I love it.” Harry Styles wears a necklace of a paper plane and Louis loved it so much he decided to get the same inked on his body. Meaning: All the members of the band, “One Direction” have the screws which they said helps them keep grounded no matter how big they get. Here you can find everything about Quotation Mark Tattoo Meaning. If a college student gets a new question mark tattoo it means they are getting too much financial aid… The birds are five in number and represent all the members of One Direction. In addition a particular design or symbol may have a personal meaning. I miss it.”. Expand your knowledge of tattoos. Meaning: The words represent how he had to leave his family and friends behind when he joined One Direction. You may choose a symbol or design because it carries with it a certain meaning or meanings. Louis said, “Though I’m away from home. More ideas for you. Tomlinson is a big fan of inks and has multiple tattoos. ‘The Infinity Rope and The Flock of Birds’ Tattoo, 160 Amazing Lavender Tattoo Designs with Meanings, Ideas, and Celebrities, Michelle Branch’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings, 50 Amazing C Letter Tattoo Designs and Ideas, Jayson Tatum’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings, 35 Programmer Tattoos Designs with Meanings, Paco Alcácer’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings. It’s a penguin, but not just a penguin, a penguin with headphones, which makes it even more weird. This ink is an honor to his team, where the Horshoe represents the Mascot. Explore the various pages of our site and you will learn a lot of interesting things about the tattoo design. Tattoo: The singer has the numbers 2 and 8 inked on the outside of his left hand’s ring and middle fingers respectively. Louis Tomlinson’s 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings, 6. In addition, we have a catalog of tattoo artists, as well as a description of tattoo styles. Tattoo: On the inside of both his ankles, Louis has two tiny screws and on the front side of his legs just above his ankle, are the words, “The Rogue” tattooed with both the words being on his right and left leg, respectively. Interestingly, this meaning can be very personal to the owner or it could be the type of … My family is always in my heart.”. Quotation Mark Tattoo Meaning Miami Ink Tattoo Designs Gallery Miami Ink is a popular fact Television set clearly show filmed at their place in Washington Avenue, South Beach front, Miami. quotation mark tattoo meaning life is unscripted. Louis explained, “ I owned a football team in Doncaster and this is our mascot.”. Saved by Mackenzie Mulheir. We hope you find the information you are interested in. Cute Tattoos Quotes Clever Tattoos Trendy Tattoos Girly Tattoos Big Ben Tattoo Mark Tattoo I Tattoo Side Wrist Tattoos Leg Tattoos. Tattoo: Louis got a tiny beer mug inked right alongside to his arrow and globe tattoo on his right forearm. Meaning: The quotation marks represent how Louis loves giving and taking them quotations. Meaning: The heart used to be a heart wearing headphones which represented a quote, “Listen to your heart” but it was covered up after the singer departed from the boy band. Just wondering what a question mark tatooed on your hand/fingers could mean. The, “OOPS!” represents the first words that came out of his mouth when he first met band-mate, Harry Styles. Meaning: Louis told he got the Swift Bird tattoo because it’s his favorite kind of bird. When asked, Louis said, ”It’s the most random thing of all time. Let us see the ones he has and the meanings behind them. So cute! I don’t know why, but now I forever have a penguin on my ass, yeah.”. Meaning: Louis explained how it represents skateboarding which is his hidden talent.

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