A player can farm the specters from The Silver Grove quest and get additional loot with Nekros' desecrate and possibly also Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm augment. You will also need to make sure that you have a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner in your Gear Wheel if you want to collect it. The Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe is a rare plant that is used to make the Nightfall Apothic, Vermillion Anitoxin, Topaz Antitoxin, and Lapis Antitoxin. Edit: I'm not sure if Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm and desecrate work together, so you either get 2 or 3 chances. niko. Completing this quest will reward players with parts for the Titania Warframe. It will only grow in certain places, and at certain times. A Beginner's Guide to Warframe: LostSkittles212: 71: 1/24 2:50PM: lol I ranked up so hard, my warframe started shining brighter than the sun: pogo_rabid: 7: 11/7 3:29PM: New player: Heapatrouble: 10: 11/21 5:35PM: Best place to farm Neo M2 Relics: N-WGIX: 6: 11/21 8:08AM: need some advice: Skyvixin: 3: … If you are hunting Silver Grove Spectres in Warframe, you need to get your hands on Dusklight Sarracenia.You can only find the plant on the Grineer Shipyards tileset. Farm from Resource Cache; Conclusion. If you cannot find it, reload the mission. Take care! So here's a quick guide to show ya how to get those plants, make Apothics, and get ya all set on grinding out that new Fairy Frame as well as... well, I'll get to that next week ^_^ Enjoy and have a great weekend, Legion! Warframe. Titania is one of the few Warframes that come with a versatile kit. From farming Silver Specters for stance and aura mods, I believe the Silver Grove will not spawn in every time. The Silver Grove is an optional quest introduced in Update: The Silver Grove, which sees the Tenno working with New Loka to uncover an ancient, mysterious power. One apothic can be used for 2 or 3 chances at loot. Farming will take a while as some of the resources in building the Titania require some specific missions or ways, but completing this build will be worth it for both the great story and the powerful Warframe. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. Warframe's The Silver Grove update has given us Titania and a whole lotta plants and flowers to farm!

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