[63] Backed up by valuable rookie Thurmond, Chamberlain had another good season with 36.9 ppg and 22.3 rpg,[52] and the Warriors went all the way to the NBA Finals. [35] One particular Globetrotter skit involved Globetrotter captain Meadowlark Lemon collapsing to the ground, and instead of helping him up, Chamberlain threw him several feet high up in the air and caught him like a doll. That may not have been true. In the 1962 season, he averaged 50.4 points and grabbed 25.7 rebounds per game. [167] Chamberlain later commented that he could see in hindsight how the interview could have been instrumental in hurting his public image. [3] Chamberlain is the only player in NBA history to average at least 30 points and 20 rebounds per game in a season, which he accomplished seven times. He was far more comfortable and effective at the foul line than he would later be during his pro career. [171] Designed according to his preferences, the house was constructed with no right angles, and had an "X-rated" room with mirrored walls and a fur-covered waterbed. [2][5][23] After his last Overbrook season, more than two hundred universities tried to recruit the basketball prodigy. [5][81] Chamberlain himself described the team as the best in NBA history. "[76], In the 1967 NBA Playoffs, the Sixers yet again battled the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Division Finals, and again held home court advantage. [114] However, Chamberlain was not pleased by the Qs' meager attendance: crowds averaged 1,843, just over half of the Qs' small San Diego 3,200-seat sports arena. Wilt Chamberlain is universally recognized as one of the greatest basketball players in history, but he may well be the most under-rated player in history. However, the Sixers foiled it: when Barry ran past Thurmond's pick and drove to the basket, he was picked up by Chet Walker, making it impossible to shoot; Thurmond was covered by Chamberlain, which made it impossible to pass. His fouls per 36 minutes (a stat used to compare players that average vastly different minutes) was a remarkable 1.6 per game. [52] Powered by his defensive presence, the Lakers embarked on an unprecedented 33-game win streak en route to a then-record 69 wins in the regular season. Chamberlain dominated his older college players by scoring 42 points (16–35 from the field, 10–12 on free throws), grabbing 29 rebounds and registering four blocks. He was tired of being double- and triple-teamed, and of teams coming down on him with hard fouls. [104] Furthermore, he told Chamberlain to use his rebounding and passing skills to quickly initiate fastbreaks to his teammates. Cherry described how Celtics coach Red Auerbach ordered his forward Tom Heinsohn to commit personal fouls on Chamberlain: whenever the Warriors shot foul shots, Heinsohn grabbed and shoved Chamberlain to prevent him from running back quickly; his intention was that the Celtics would throw the ball in so fast that the prolific shotblocker Chamberlain was not yet back under his own basket, and Boston could score an easy fastbreak basket. In retrospect, Gottlieb remarked: "My mistake was not getting a strong-handed coach. "[Chamberlain] was the strongest athlete who ever lived", the 210-pound Lemon later recounted. [169] As a Philadelphia 76er, he could afford to rent a New York apartment and commute to Philadelphia. Then with our great Laker team in 1972, he concentrated on the defensive end", said Sharman. I loved Wilt. Sharman introduced morning shoot-arounds, in which the perennial latecomer Chamberlain regularly participated (in contrast to earlier years with Dolph Schayes) and transformed him into a defensive-minded, low-scoring post defender in the mold of his old rival Bill Russell. He is the first and only basketball player to score 100 points in an NBA game. [47] But in Game 6, Heinsohn got the last laugh, scoring the decisive basket with a last-second tip-in. "[178] In a 1999 interview shortly before his death, he regretted not having explained the sexual climate at the time of his escapades, and warned other men who admired him for it, closing with the words: "With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I've found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying. In that series they succumbed to Russell's Boston Celtics yet again, this time losing 4–1. [24] In his 2004 biography of Chamberlain, Robert Cherry described that Chamberlain wanted a change and therefore did not want to go to or near Philadelphia (also eliminating New York), was not interested in New England, and snubbed the South because of racial segregation; this left the Midwest as Chamberlain's probable choice. [96] In Game 1, Abdul-Jabbar outscored Chamberlain 32–22, and the Bucks won 106–85. He hated the ones that called attention to his height, such as "Goliath" and "Wilt the Stilt". Coach Schayes called timeout, and decided to run the last play over Hal Greer rather than Chamberlain, because he feared the Celtics would intentionally foul him because he was a poor foul shooter. He is the only player to score 100 points in a single NBA game or average more than 40 and 50 points in a season. [127][128] In 1999, his condition deteriorated rapidly. [80], On the hardwood, Chamberlain continued his focus on team play and registered 24.3 points and 23.8 rebounds a game for the season. Knowing how dominant he was, the opponents resorted to freeze-ball tactics and routinely used three or more players to guard him. [91] He himself was perceived as "pig-headed" for benching Chamberlain, and soon resigned as Lakers coach. Chamberlain led the league several times in points, accuracy, rebounds and minutes. He was a lifelong bachelor and became notorious for his claim of having had sexual relations with as many as 20,000 women. 's western division title series with Milwaukee, he (Chamberlain) decisively outplayed basketball's newest giant superstar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, eleven years his junior. I saw the team win a championship for the Philadelphia 76ers in 1967. [177] In response to public backlash regarding his promiscuity, Chamberlain later emphasized that "the point of using the number was to show that sex was a great part of my life as basketball was a great part of my life. During this time, he lost 50 pounds. [58] Each team won their home games, so the series was split at three after six games. The Sixers would post a 55–25 regular season record, and for his strong play, Chamberlain won his second MVP award. [116][117] Starting in the 1970s, he formed Wilt's Athletic Club, a track and field club in southern California,[118] coached by then UCLA assistant coach Bob Kersee in the early days of his career. [135] Chamberlain is most remembered for his 100-point game,[136][137] which is widely considered one of basketball's greatest records. After his stint with the Conquistadors, Chamberlain successfully went into business and entertainment, made money in stocks and real estate, bought a popular Harlem nightclub, which he renamed Big Wilt's Smalls Paradise, and invested in broodmares. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Rare footage of Ali with Wilt 'The Stilt' Chamberlain interview with Howard Cosell. [138] The closest any player has gotten to 100 points was the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, who scored 81 in 2006. Wilton Norman “Wilt” Chamberlain was born on August 21 st, 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of nine children born to Olivia Ruth Johnson and William Chamberlain.His mother worked as a domestic worker and his father as a welder and handyman. [51], Chamberlain surpassed his rookie season statistics as he averaged 38.4 points and 27.2 rebounds per game. After losing Elgin Baylor to an Achilles tendon rupture that effectively ended his career, and especially after losing Jerry West after a knee injury, the handicapped Lakers were seen as underdogs against the Milwaukee Bucks of freshly crowned MVP Lew Alcindor, and veteran Hall-of-Fame guard Oscar Robertson in the Western Conference Finals. [39] In his third game, Chamberlain recorded 41 points and a then-career high 40 rebounds in a 124-113 win over the visiting Syracuse Nationals. In what Cherry calls a tumultuous locker room meeting, Hannum addressed several key issues he observed during the last season, several of them putting Chamberlain in an unfavorable light. In his early years Chamberlain was not interested in basketball, because he thought it was "a game for sissies". [9], Chamberlain was born in 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, into a family of nine children, the son of Olivia Ruth Johnson, a domestic worker and homemaker, and William Chamberlain, a welder, custodian, and handyman. [5] Cherry has speculated, however, that this loss was a watershed in Chamberlain's life, because it was the first time that his team lost despite him putting up impressive individual stats. This conflict had been going along for a while: in 1965, Chamberlain asserted that he and the late Richman had worked out a deal which would give the center 25% of the franchise once he ended his career. Scoring 35 points, Chamberlain led Overbrook to an easy 83–42 victory. [32], For many years following Chamberlain's departure from the University of Kansas, critics claimed that he either wanted to leave the very white Midwest or was embarrassed by not being able to bring home the NCAA basketball tournament victory. [22] After three years, Chamberlain had led Overbrook to two city championships, logged a 56–3 record and broken Tom Gola's high school scoring record by scoring 2,252 points, averaging 37.4 points per game. Russell botched the inbounds pass, hitting a guy-wire over the backboard and giving the ball back to the Sixers. Loaded with several other players who could score, such as future Hall-of-Famers Hal Greer and newcomer Billy Cunningham, Hannum wanted Chamberlain to concentrate more on defense. He is also the only player to average at least 30 points and 20 rebounds per game over the entire course of his NBA career. [19] The Panthers comfortably won the Public League title after again beating Northeast in which Chamberlain scored 40 points, and later won the city title by defeating South Catholic 74–50. He later faced Unseld, Abdul-Jabbar, Dave Cowens, and Elvin Hayes. [3] "First he was a scorer. He was writing a screenplay about his life. [95] The Knicks led by 27 at halftime, and despite scoring 21 points, Chamberlain couldn't prevent a third consecutive loss in a Game 7. "Wilt Chamberlain 1966-67 Game Log - Basketball-Reference.com", "Use Extension On Operating Table As Wilt Chamberlain Undergoes Tendon Surgery", "Achilles Heel Advertising: Repositioning the Competition", "5 Things You Didn't Know About Wilt Chamberlain", "Wilt spoke of regrets, women and Meadowlark", "Ali vs. Wilt Chamberlain: The Fight That Almost Was", "Jim Brown Talks Ali vs. Wilt Chamberlain // SiriusXM", "Chamberlain's feats the stuff of legend", "Flynn Robinson, 72, Scorer on Dominant N.B.A. His lifelong on-court rival and personal friend Bill Russell stated "the fierceness of our competition bonded us together for eternity", and Celtics coach Red Auerbach praised Chamberlain as vital for the success of the entire NBA. [85], In the 1968 Eastern Division Finals, the Sixers yet again met the Boston Celtics, again with home court advantage, and this time as reigning champions. [60] This also meant, however, that the team broke apart, as Paul Arizin chose to retire rather than move away from his family and his job at IBM in Philadelphia, and Tom Gola was homesick, requesting a trade to the lowly New York Knicks halfway through the season. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/uirTS. [86] The loss meant that Chamberlain was now 1–6 in playoff series against the Celtics. [45] Chamberlain broke eight NBA records, and was named NBA MVP and Rookie of the Year that season, a feat matched only by fellow Hall-of-Famer Wes Unseld in the 1968–69 NBA season. [52] On March 2, 1962, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Wilt scored 100 points, shot 36 of 63 from the field, and made 28 of 32 free throws against the New York Knicks. In his first year, he played for the Jayhawks freshman team under coach Phog Allen, whom he admired. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9yFm. "[74] In Game 3, Chamberlain scored 31 points and 27 rebounds for an important road win, and the next day, coach Schayes planned to hold a joint team practice. I must score—understand? [122], Chamberlain is regarded as one of the most extraordinary and dominant basketball players in the history of the NBA. [134] He also had a signature 'Dipper' move, whereby he would fake a hook shot, and extend his arm to a short-range finger roll to shoot under a block attempt. [133] He led the NBA in scoring seven times, field goal percentage nine times, minutes played eight times, rebounding eleven times, and assists once. [185] He accompanied Nixon to the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.[186] and considered himself a Republican. [37] After his basketball career, volleyball became Chamberlain's new passion: being a talented hobby volleyballer during his Lakers days,[112] he became a board member of the newly founded International Volleyball Association in 1974, and then its president one year later. [8] He was a successful businessman, authored several books, and appeared in the movie Conan the Destroyer. Wilt is most famous for his NBA Record 100 Point Game. [153] Russell's teams won all four seventh games against Chamberlain's—the combined margin was nine points. Prior to the start of a game at Moscow's Lenin Central Stadium, they were greeted by General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev. Instead, he was an avid track and field athlete: as a youth, he high jumped6 feet… [78][79] For these feats, Chamberlain earned his third MVP award. In his first game, he scored 52 points and grabbed 31 rebounds, breaking both all-time Kansas records in an 87–69 win against Northwestern, who had Chamberlain's future NBA teammate Joe Ruklick. [52] It was the ninth time Chamberlain would lead the league in field goal percentage. [94] In Game 4, Chamberlain scored 18 points and grabbed 25 rebounds and helped tie the series at 2. [74], Prior to the 1966–67 NBA season, the friendly but unassertive Schayes was replaced by a familiar face, the crafty but firm Alex Hannum. [3][125] In basketball history, pundits have stated that the only other player who forced such a massive change of rules is 6'10" Minneapolis Lakers center George Mikan, who played a decade before Chamberlain and also caused many rule changes designed to thwart so-called "big men". [94] The Lakers lost 107–100 in what was called one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history. It's pretty exhausting to think about it. [100][101] Lakers owner Jack Kent Cooke had also offered Chamberlain a record-setting contract on the condition that Chamberlain agree to give up what Cooke termed "this boxing foolishness. In Game 2, Chamberlain scored 19 points, grabbed 24 rebounds, and blocked Reed's shot in the final seconds, leading the Lakers to a 105–103 win. [52] In one particular game, Chamberlain blocked a dunk attempt by Gus Johnson so hard that he dislocated Johnson's shoulder. Subsequently, owners Milton and Helen Kutsher kept up a lifelong friendship with Wilt, and according to their son Mark, "They were his second set of parents. Ex-Lakers teammate Jerry West remembered him as an utterly dominant yet friendly and humorous player, and fellow Hall-of-Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Johnny Kerr, Phil Jackson and Wes Unseld called Chamberlain one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. [94] Instead, the Lakers gave away their 13-point halftime lead and succumbed to the aggressive Knicks defense: L.A. committed 19 second half turnovers, and the two main scorers Chamberlain and West shot the ball only three and two times, respectively, in the entire second half. [6] There were three NBA Finals matchups in the rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, but they played different positions and did not guard each other. [106] Chamberlain accepted his new roles and posted an all-time low 14.8 points, but also won the rebound crown with 19.2 rpg and led the league with a .649 field goal percentage. [120], Chamberlain played a villainous warrior and counterpart of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Conan the Destroyer (1984). [90] In return, the center blasted Van Breda Kolff as "the dumbest and worst coach ever". [62], In the 1963–64 NBA season, Chamberlain got yet another new coach, Alex Hannum, and was joined by a promising rookie center, Nate Thurmond, who eventually entered the Hall of Fame. The 1972–73 NBA season was to be Chamberlain's last, although he didn't know this at the time. [94], However, the hero of that Game 7 was Willis Reed. [87] Chamberlain then asked for a trade, and Sixers general manager Jack Ramsay traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers for Darrall Imhoff, Archie Clark and Jerry Chambers. [11] In his early years Chamberlain was not interested in basketball, because he thought it was "a game for sissies". [3][130] His agent Sy Goldberg stated Chamberlain died of congestive heart failure. As of the end of 2019 playoffs, he is the first and the only player in NBA History to record 50 points and 35 rebounds in a playoff game. Mary-lou. [77] The motivation for this move remains in dispute. That was how the 20,000 number came into existence. [86] Chamberlain later blamed coach Hannum for the lack of touches, a point which the coach conceded himself, but Cherry points out that Chamberlain, who always thought of himself as the best player of all time, should have been outspoken enough to demand the ball himself. [note 1] When Chamberlain left the Warriors, owner Franklin Mieuli said: "Chamberlain is not an easy man to love [and] the fans in San Francisco never learned to love him. In Game 2, the Bucks won again despite the Lakers center scoring 26 points, four more than his Milwaukee counterpart. [121] At 7 feet 1 inch, he was the tallest and heaviest player in the league for most of his career, and he was one of the most famous people in the game for many years. [146] In his two championship seasons, Chamberlain led the league in rebounding, while his scoring decreased to 24 and 15 points per game. "[109], In the 1972 NBA Finals, the Lakers again met the New York Knicks; the Knicks were shorthanded after losing 6'9" Willis Reed to injury, and so, undersized 6'8" Jerry Lucas had the task to defend against the 7'1" Chamberlain. [122] When million-dollar contracts became common in the NBA, Chamberlain increasingly felt he had been underpaid during his career. Wilt Chamberlain was born August 21, 1936, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of nine children raised by William and Olivia Chamberlain. [43] His 58 points were a then-career high for him. [13] But according to Chamberlain, "basketball was king in Philadelphia", so he eventually turned to the sport. [187], American basketball and volleyball player, Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors (1959–1965). Around this time, he has been quoted as saying: "There's been a lot of conversation, since people have been trying to get my jersey number retired, that I have some dislike for the University of Kansas. [74] In Game 5 itself, Chamberlain was superb, scoring 46 points and grabbing 34 rebounds, but the Celtics won the game 120–112 and the series. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. He ran the 100-yard dash in 10.9 seconds, shot-putted 56 feet, triple jumped more than 50 feet, and won the high jump in the Big Eight track and field championships three straight years.[30]. He had five seasons where he committed less than two fouls per game, with a career low of 1.5 fouls during the 1962 season, in which he also averaged 50.4 points per game. [52] However, Jack Kent Cooke was pleased, because since acquiring Chamberlain, ticket sales went up by 11%. [46] On the other hand, he committed surprisingly few fouls during his NBA career despite his rugged play in the post. "[171] Swedish Olympic high jumper Annette Tånnander, who met him when he was 40 and she 19, remembers him as a pick-up artist who was extremely confident yet respectful: "I think Wilt hit on everything that moved ... [but] he never was bad or rude. "[171] However, Los Angeles Times columnist David Shaw claimed that during a dinner with Shaw and his wife, Chamberlain was "rude and sexist toward his own date, as he usually was", adding that at one point Chamberlain left the table to get the phone number of an attractive woman at a nearby table.[176].

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